Icelandic trolls in nature were the inspiration for this collection of outdoors clothing that blends into Icelandic scenery. I took pictures of trolls where I saw them in Icelandic rocks and lava formations during my summer job as a ranger. Using the forms of my favourite trolls, I placed them on changeable waterproof clothing in various forms such as laser-cut faces appliquéd onto garments or digital prints. I also 3D-printed versions resembling both face and rock directly onto knit. Two of the garments also had pockets on the back side of the laser-cut appliqué to place or remove an electro-luminescent panel. This functionality can be hidden through the placement of sophisticated flaps worn on the back or front side of the garment, giving the collection an Asian vibe. I also placed reflective laser-cut fabric on some of the garments. Most of the garments have a number of practical pockets with zipper closures. Photographs of collection: Chase R. McCurdy. Model: Natalia M. Make-up: Audrey Mendy.