For this collection I wanted to make a full outfit for New Year’s Eve. This required both a sexy garment for the party and warm coats for the part of the evening that one spends outside during the big bonfire or shooting fireworks into the black abyss that is the sky around midnight. For print material, I drew my own versions of sea monsters, including a serpent and an evil whale by the name of Rauðkembingur. Using laser-cut, I placed them onto the garments with a pink background to symbolise raw meat. I also developed an option to add 3D printed teeth on slits and such to make and effect of a grinning mouth opening and closing. For interesting silhouettes I played with pockets shaping the garment as it was. Photographs of collection: Chase R. McCurdy. Model: Yulia Novikova. Make-up: Violette Taupin.