space abyss

Elements of the outer space sci-fi movie taken back to the moss-grown earth. Such is the idea behind this collections inspiration. The concept was to unify the sterile ideas concerning outer space suits of the science fiction movie and the coziness of sweet mother earth. Strong shapes were used with a little touch of geometry to represent the spacesuits. Large volume in some of the clothing was used to stand for the elements of a soft valley with all the warmness of home, it was considered as contrast against the coldness and dark agoraphobia of outer space. This contrast can also be seen in the pattern where prehistoric mammoths are united with skyscrapers. Some similarities are to be observed between the silhouettes of a mammoth and the clothing. When choosing the colours the final choice was a typical colour scale from the outer space sci-fi movie. Photographs of collection: Charlie Strand. Model: Stella Björt Bergmann Gunnarsdottir. Make-up: Helga Björnsdóttir.